Wastewater Recycling Project Big Creek Powerhouse 1

Wastewater Recycling Project Big Creek Powerhouse 1
Southern California Edison
Huntington Lake, CA
Start Date
Date of Completion

Big Creek Powerhouse 1 is located at Big Creek, California, approximately 60 miles north of Fresno and is part of Southern California Edison’s Northern Hydro Division.  The objective of the project was to eliminate the risk of potential exceedances, lower operation and maintenance costs, and eliminate discharge to Big Creek by installing a new wastewater recycling system. The project scope included the installation, testing, and commissioning of a new wastewater recycling system, including recycled water irrigation equipment, pump equipment and associated storage tank, controls, interconnection piping, conduits, cables, a foundation for the storage tank, and appurtenances.

Project highlights include:

  • 4,800 linear feet (LF) of main line trenching
  • 8,300 LF of laterals from main line trenching
  • 20,400 LF of drip line tubing
  • Installation of a new 8,500 gallon equalization tank
  • Installation of a new chlorination feed system
  • 2,500 LF of fiber optic
  • New pump station with two new 7.5 horsepower pumps capable of handling 100 gallons/minute each
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