Mammoth Pools PSV

Mammoth Pools PSV
Southern California Edison
Fresno, CA
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Date of Completion

This project was comprised of two phases.  The first phase included a response to the catastrophic 2020 Creek Fire that destroyed the original valve house and hydraulic power unit (HPU) for a 12-foot penstock shutoff valve (PSV).  SR Diversified performed an initial assessment and detailed report of the damaged equipment and lead-based coating to determine what was essential to get the valve back in service and provide findings of the required lead abatement.  Initial design and construction documents were developed based on the report for the installation of a temporary HPU to operate the valve and lead remediation specifications.

For the second phase, SR Diversified returned a year later to install the permanent HPU, recoat the penstock, construct a new CMU valve house, and perform ancillary work.  Challenges on this project included a remote location, restricted timeframes due to a planned outage, and coordination with the HPU supplier.

SR Diversified was able to complete this project effectively thanks to a positive partnership with the owner and our talented and professional project team.

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