SR Diversified
SR Diversified, LLC is a General Engineering and Electrical contractor experienced in a wide range of construction and project delivery types.

We've Got You Covered

SR Diversified delivers outstanding projects in a variety of market segments including building, high and low voltage electrical, and hydro. The wide-ranging experience of our team provides our clients with skilled technical and construction resources for any project.

Our services include commercial and civil construction, electrical, Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), Design/Build, Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC), QCIP preparation, preconstruction services, procurement, construction management, inspection services, system integrations, and start-up and testing support.


SR Diversified is a known leader in innovation, operating as an extension of the owner.  Our construction team consists of our employees, subcontractors, and partners, all of whom have extensive experience on projects supporting the utility industry, including gas, transmission, and power generation as well as building construction.  We have been recognized as a front-runner in successfully completing technical and highly difficult engineering construction projects that require a high level of skill in both problem solving and risk management.  These skills are integrated with the clients’ needs to provide solutions, using a variety of project delivery methods.


SR Diversified has both the experience and know how to provide a large number of Electrical Services ranging from anything as simple as a constructability review, inspection or project oversight to a turn-key Transmission, Distribution or Substation construction project.  SRD can work with project/facility owners to provide an Engineer, Procure, Construction (EPC) solution to any electrical need.  We perform exceptionally well under pressure and deliver safe, on time, on budget projects big or small.

Innovative Vault Remediation Product

SR Diversified has partnered with McGill Composites Center at the University of Southern California and CFI Composites for a vault remediation system that is a non-invasive, no-dig procedure that allows the vault to remain in service, with limited interruption to traffic, while the rehabilitation is performed.  The material, applied to the walls and ceiling of the vault, is a custom engineered advanced composite structural system.  No heavy equipment is needed, and pavement is unaffected.  All work is performed within the vault/manhole utilizing a specialized installation trailer.  The final product is stronger than the original concrete structure.

Inspection & Technical

With the ever-changing needs and demands of the public utilities and construction industry, including hydro, SR Diversified, LLC has the technical resources to assist your organization. We provide technical services through the expertise of Hydro Engineers, Hydro Technical Specialists, Qualified Electrical Workers, and General Construction Inspectors to take your hydro generation, electrical, and general construction projects from conceptual analysis through commissioning; ensuring that all systems and components are installed, tested, operated, and maintained in accordance with the owner’s operational requirements.

Some of our services include:

  • Develop and facilitate comprehensive start-up test procedures for substations and hydroelectric power generating facilities
  • Qualified electrical inspection
  • Review of design drawings/constructability review
  • Powerhouse commissioning assistance – providing the owner the ability to have an independent representative observe the initial factory testing of new system components to ensure design specifications are met
  • Project management/scheduling
  • Construction inspection

Start-Up & Commissioning

SR Diversified leads and manages the transitional phase between construction completion and commercial operations.  Our highly skilled, seasoned, and professional Senior Hydro Specialists have turned over countless successful projects bridging construction and operation phases by managing all activities including planning, develop requirements, systems turnover, checkout, commissioning, and performance testing.

Early Construction

Early Contractor Involvement – we partner with the owner to provide an independent evaluation of submitted designs, to ensure industry standards and consistent, functional facility design criteria are in place. The process provides valuable input into the project planning phases without the greater commitment required when using the more conventional Design/Build method.

Innovation, Craftsmanship, Quality, Attention, Organization; These all express the central focus of our company. You can now be at ease knowing that you will be able to maintain your commitments for a successful and timely project completion with SR Diversified as your trusted delivery partner.

Our headquarters are located in Northern California

SR Diversified it dedicated to your customer satisfaction, we strive to communicate in a timely and expedited manner.